The Bakery
summer 2003

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During this past summer, my dad allowed me the use of part of his warehouse in Dallas as an art studio. He told me that I could do almost anything to it, as he had plans to tear that section of the building down and renovate. I decided that this was a wonderful opportunity to pool together the artistic talents of my friends. It was our own little Bohemia.

I promised my sister that I would do something with her, so together we threw wads of papertowels soaked in cheap paint at canvases. She also got in a paint war with a few of my friends. The result were the two paintings above.


Alex was the second father of this endeavor. Where I painted with oils and carved mostly, he took this chance to experiment with spray painting. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take pictures of his work. It was really awesome tho.

Lindsay's a photographer. I don't have her work here either, but if this enterprise had a mother, it was her. She spent a lot of time wandering around the old industrial equipment and looming forest of metal that was our playground snapping shots and dancing.

If there was an uncle to the studio, it'd be Hale (DJ LiquidProphet). This very cool dude spun crazy techno beats almost the entire time we were at the studio. He couldn't do it at the house, but here he could go nuts. And he did.


What I had originally intended to be a warm-up exercise became the main piece of work that I created. I was never satisfied with it, so maybe I'll go back and re-work it.


I started a plaster piece towards the end of our time there, but I wasn't satisfied with it and realized that I needed a wooden frame to support it. I didn't get a chance to finish the frame before I left for school.


Alex let visitors play with his spraypaint, but he also tested some of his ideas and designs on walls.