So I'm back in Saint Louis! The past few months in Dallas were great -- I spent my time learning Longfist (a style of Kung Fu), Gymnastics (ultimately for a form I was learning in Kung Fu), and ASL (American Sign Language). I also spent a large portion of my time at "the studio". My dad agreed to let me use part of his warehouse as an art studio, so I'd go there often with my friend Alex (who is a very talented artist) and Hale (who is a most skillful DJ) and Lindsay (a mad-cool photographer) and we'd all spray/finger/splatter/oil-paint, carve, glue, and rhyme to jammin' techno beats. I'll post some of what we did later (as I have time).

Classes are keeping me busy at the moment, and also my RCC job (I'm the guy who gets paid to fix computers in the building).

God, has it really been THAT long since I've done laundry? Ha (and that was only a third of my clothes). I finally caved and just sent my laundry off to the dry cleaners for them to take care of it (since I really haven't had the time -- it's a day-long process for me -- literally). They charge a dollar a pound; so it'll come to about fifty bucks (I actually weighed it before I sent it off).

Now now, I know what you're thinking; but really, I'm a very clean person -- I wear fresh clothes almost every day; I'm just lazy about washing them, so they tend to pile up. . .for months -_-;. It's okay tho, since we have a spare room, I just throw them in there. Heh.

So I'm finally going up to Seattle to see Alex. That shou--nay will-- be fun. Maybe not good clean sober fun, but fun, nonetheless ;).

Work at the Arc's boring; as no one knows it exists yet; and I'm finally done with Carnaval (the show was amazing, and I actually made a few good friends).

Summer's just around the corner; I just gotta keep up this insane work ethic I've suddenly developed. *pant pant*.

Right. So it's been a while since I've done a real update. A thousand apologies. So news with me. Let's see...

You know how I was in Diwali last semester? That big indian dance show thing? Well this semester I'm in a show called Carnaval -- that's right; this time I'll be gyrating my hips to the Salsa (as opposed to the Garba) beat.

My friend Lindsay came to visit me last weekend, and man was THAT fun. I have a video or five that I'd post from the Valentines Day party in my room, but that definately falls under the incriminating evidence category.

I've been working temporarily at the library for the past month or so -- my real job is supposed to start once the Arc (the new computer lab in the library) opens up. There I will have the pleasure of lurking about and helping people with whatever projects they are working on ("Excuse me, THIS is how you save your file."). I've also applied to be an RCC next semester (The guy who helps everyone in his building with their computer problems -- and gets paid for it).

Spring Break is coming up -- and I'll be flying down to Dallas and then taking a road trip to Houston to visit Amy and my other friends down there. The plan was to stop by UPS and see Alex before going to Dallas, but it turns out it'd cost 4.5x more so it'd just be more reasonable to fly up there another weekend.

Oh yeah, I've joined breakdancing club. Not that I know a lick of it, but it's fun ^_^.

God I hate laundry.